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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Ralph Lauren Escapes FCPA Problems with Minimized Damage

Posted in FCPA

Often, enforcement officials at the SEC and the Justice Department express their wish that securities law violators own up to their (mis)conduct as soon it comes to light.  That is, come to the government and explain what has happened.  Almost as often, though, those officials have a difficult time describing the tangible benefits of doing… Continue Reading

SEC Highlights Compliance and Ethics for Broker-Dealers

Posted in Broker-Dealers, Compliance

On Tuesday the SEC held a National Compliance Outreach Program for Broker-Dealers at an open meeting at its D.C. headquarters.  The first panel – titled The Role of Compliance and Ethics – was nominally targeted to broker-dealers, but its lessons could be applied to any businesses under significant regulatory scrutiny. The participants were: Merri Jo… Continue Reading

SEC Publishes Report on Reg. FD and Social Media – Joy, Vexation Follow

Posted in Insider Trading

You probably remember a dustup from a few months ago when the SEC threatened to sue Netflix for violations of Regulation FD.  Basically, the rule says that when a public company gives material nonpublic information to anyone, the company must also publicly disclose the same information to all investors.  Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, had arguably… Continue Reading

Accounting Fraud Not Just for Public Companies Anymore

Posted in Accounting Fraud, Investment Advisers, Non-scienter-based Violations, Private Equity

One of the salient features of the SEC’s enforcement program in recent years has been a dearth of accounting fraud cases.  While those cases used to be the SEC’s bread and butter, and hovered around 200 actions per year, they have dropped off dramatically since 2007, and hit a low of 79 last year.  Only… Continue Reading